So Over You

from by Mal Webb

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I wrote this for (and not about!) my friend Aurora Kurth, who'd asked me to write her "a tragic love song... something Shirley Bassey might sing". It's kind of harsh, but Aurora really works its schizophrenic extremes. I'm hoping to send it to Shirley Bassey one day. I think we all know people like this character and we're all a little bit like her, eh!


I was on the rebound when we met, my heart so freshly broken
And there you were, unspoken for, not quite all I was hoping for
But my mind conspired to fix you up, selective sense avoiding
Your faults had some embroid’ing done
’Til you’d become my number one
But time has made the colours fade
The shroud has frayed away
And now the real you is standing there as plain as day
Well, I’m afraid I have to say
That I’m so so so so so over you
It’s time that you finally knew
You’re no longer who had at first enchanted me
How dare you not be all that I imagined you to be
So I’m so ...
I thought that you ought be told
Now my love’s run cold, let me hold somebody new
’Cos I’m oh so over you
But, of course, you’ll hear no word of this
I’ll just say, “You’re a bastard!
You lied to me so dastardly
You cad, you’ve seen the last of me!”
My friends all try to dry my tears
And help me to be strong
But can’t resist the urge to say they knew it all along
You were always Mr Wrong/ Now I’m so ...
You’re cast to the past, it’s true
My creative mind had me blind, but now I see
You’re not a patch upon the catch I’d built you up to be/ So I’m so ...
Here it ends and we shan’t be friends
While my poor heart mends, let me tend to someone new
Now I’m oh so over you/ Well, I’m queen of denial, delusion and dejection
Bumbling from flower to flower for fear of rejection
I’m riding on a vicious cycle, vexed by my own hexes
It’s why I never get along with any of my exes
But, of course, you’ll hear no word of this
I’ll just leave in a huff
And fly into the arms of my next blind romantic’s bluff
But it’s never quite enough
’Cos I’m so ...
Then again, given time, who knows?
When this heartache goes, I may see you as before
Recalling I adore you, God knows, maybe even more
But I’m so ...
Back away, form an orderly queue
’Til I’ve thought this though, let me hold somebody new
’Cos I’m oh so over you.

©Mal Webb 2008


from Not Nor Mal, released September 2, 2016




Mal Webb Melbourne, Australia

Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentist, looping beatboxing songwriter Mal Webb sings his songs about all manner of stuff, using all sorts of vocal techniques (like sideways yodeling) and plays guitar, bass, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica, bass and piano. He's like Bobby McFerrin, Aphex Twin and Cole Porter playing scrabble. Ani DiFranco said to Mal: "You're a freak!"
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